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Original post date: Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I've noticed with some dismay that there are a few bloggers out there who, instead of simply linking to the content of this blog, are using the RSS feed to republish the content in their own blogs, without a clear attribution of authorship.

As a result, I have changed the feed for this blog to a partial feed, with only the first part of the post included in the feed. I hope this is not going to cause any serious inconvenience to people who are using the RSS feed for legitimate purposes.

If you have thoughts about this, please feel free to leave comments below! I was very surprised to see this happening. I figured that at a minimum someone would contact me before republishing the content wholesale at their own website - it just seems a matter of common courtesy, although courtesy does appear to be in short supply on the Internet these days.

Again, apologies to those of you who are using the RSS feed as it is intended, giving you a way to easily keep up with the contents of the blog using a feed reader such as Bloglines, Google Reader, etc. I hope you will still be able to use the partial feed to see when there are new posts and read them at your leisure.
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At 1:34 PM, Blogger Vomit said...

Thank you so much for forcing me to open each link outside my Opera RSS feed window to read each post :-S

Why not just add whatever attribution you want to each RSS feed article?

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Laura Gibbs said...

hello Vomit, I'm not sure why you think a sarcastic comment is in order here (?) but I do hope I'll be able to switch to the full RSS feed again. one of the problems I had discovered is that the content of this blog was being displayed in a website supposedly for Latin students but which was filled with erroneous and inaccurate information, all being mechanically ripped from other people's websites in an attempt simply to generate traffic and ad revenue. I'm not even sure the owners of the site knew Latin; they just decided to rip off the contents of other people's websites in order to create a site to generate revenue. until I am sure that my material is no longer being misappropriated for that purpose, I'm going to leave the partial RSS feed as it is, but when I am sure the problem is over, I will set it back as it was before. until then, yes, you might in fact have to click to read the full post, it's true.


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